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Thank you for your recent enquiry. ARI our CEO will get back to you as soon as possible. You can connect with him via WhatsApp as well. Please leave your cell number if you would like to discuss via WhatsApp. If you want to get periodical deals, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE. We don't send tons of emails and of course don't spam your inbox. Deals we have is always in stock and direct.

If you are contacting from India, please be advised that we are opening two warehouses in Delhi and Mumbai during October 2017 after the festivals. Our Kolkata warehouse is now acting as a landed warehouse so anything you order with us, you are able to pick up, inspect and pay on the spot, we are carrying no more stock in that warehouse. Everything has to be direct from Bangladesh.

If you are contacting from the Philippines, we are working hard to open a warehouse very soon in your country.

For folks from the US, our warehouse is in New Jersey now. We have started distribution as well from there, so your goods can be picked and packed for your retailer. We give you 4 weeks of free storage.

Wholesalers from Montreal, we moved to a bigger space around St. Laurent area please be in touch with our local number 438-792-6085.

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